Subject Re: Calling gsec from a Delphi app
Author martinagren
No, not really.

Maybe this is easier than expected, I have not yet tried, but calling
gsec is not only invoking a program with params, it is calling gsec
with input params (sysdba user and password) and then calling the
modify function with new params (i.e username, changed password).

As for the components I use DBExpress for data access and would
prefer not to involve new component suites, like IBObjects.


--- In, Stefan Heymann <lists@...>
> > I want to give a user of a delphi win application logged on as
> > the ability to manage user credentials. Gsec seems to be the best
> > (FB 1.5.4).
> > Does anyone have a (pascal) code snippet for this?
> You can use WinExec or ShellExecute, just like you call any other
> application from Delphi.
> Or do you mean you want to redirect GSEC's output to your
> Best Regards
> Stefan