Subject Stored Procedure Name : 32 chars max in Firebird 2.x ?
Author t.s.

I'm wondering whether the 32 characters limit on stored procedure names
still exists in firebird 2.0... The fb2 release notes has nothing to say
on the subject. This is not a big showstopper or anything, just that if
you have tons of stored procedures, creating a meaningful name in
32chars is... um... painful :)

At some point i was even thinking of creating a translation table to
store 'short sp name' (ex: 'sp_0001', 'sp_0002', 'sp_0003', keep it
under 32chars ) vs 'full/real sp name' (ex:
and devise a way to translate/resolve the names somehow during sp calls.

Probably not worth the effort, though... because of several drawbacks:
- no compile time syntax checking
- slower since every sp call involves a table lookup

Anyway, any other info/advice/tricks/workarounds are very much

Thanks in advance,

PS: technically, is this hard to do ?
involving ODS changes, for example?