Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: isql error in vista
Author Nando Dessena

P> 'create database 'c:\risdev\rising3.fdb' user 'SYSDBA' password
P> 'masterkey' PAGE_SIZE 4096;'

P> Same thing... the server is running as a service - haven't modified
P> any fb settings at all.

As you know, the Firebird Server 1.5.x (not sure about 2.0) needs the
"Interact with Desktop" flag set in order to support things like the
local communication protocol. What you might not know is that in Vista
all such services share a hidden desktop which is not the user's
desktop (much like what happens with a TS environment's "window
stations"), so local connections don't work unless you add the
"Global\" prefix to Firebird's IPCName in firebird.conf (but I haven't
tried, this is just speculation on my part). I usually prefer to use
TCP/IP all the time.

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