Subject Re: [firebird-support] Unsupported on-disk structure
Author Helen Borrie
At 04:13 AM 1/12/2007, you wrote:
>I have been developing a database using Firebird version 2.0.1. Now today I
>upgraded Firebird from version 2.0.1 to the beta 2 of version 2.1, for
>testing purpose. When I tried to open my database I received a "Unsupported
>on-disk structure for file" error message. I then uninstalled version 2.1
>and reinstalled version 2.0.1 but when I now try to connect to my database I
>get then following mesage:
>"unsupported on-disk structure for file C:\....\XXX.fdb; found 32779.10,
>support 576.1328296"
>Why is this?

Cannot tell. The ODS version of a database created by Fb 2.0.x is 11.0. The ODS version of one created by, or restored under, Fb 2.1 is 11.1. Fb 2.1 can read ODS 11.1 or lower. Fb 2.0.x can read 11.0 or lower.

If you didn't restore your ODS 11 database under Fb 2.1 then its ODS is still 11.

From what you describe here, it has the symptoms of an InterBase server trying to read a Firebird both cases.

>The me the ODS versions seems kind of strange.
>It is no problem for me to create a new database and there were no important
>data in the database file, but as we are going to use FireBird I would like
>to know which kind of problems that I can expect at our customers and what
>is needed to solve them.

Certainly. (I hope you're not planning to run your customers' production sites under a Firebird beta...)