Subject Unsupported on-disk structure
Author Svend Meyland Nicolaisen

I have been developing a database using Firebird version 2.0.1. Now today I
upgraded Firebird from version 2.0.1 to the beta 2 of version 2.1, for
testing purpose. When I tried to open my database I received a "Unsupported
on-disk structure for file" error message. I then uninstalled version 2.1
and reinstalled version 2.0.1 but when I now try to connect to my database I
get then following mesage:

"unsupported on-disk structure for file C:\....\XXX.fdb; found 32779.10,
support 576.1328296"

Why is this?

The me the ODS versions seems kind of strange.

It is no problem for me to create a new database and there were no important
data in the database file, but as we are going to use FireBird I would like
to know which kind of problems that I can expect at our customers and what
is needed to solve them.

Kind regards