Subject Re: [firebird-support] Help with GSTAT output
Author Stefan Heymann
>>This is a single file database, no shadowing. I thought limbo
>>transactions would only occur with shadowing?

> No, limbo transactions can happen (and only happen) when they are
> across *multiple databases*. They are two-phase transactions that
> are left unresolved (on all databases involved) when the connection
> to one or more database is lost before the second phase of the
> commit is completed on all of them.

This is a plain Client/Server single database system.

>>Time for Backup & Restore?

> Even just a backup with everyone off should do the trick, if there
> aren't limbo transactions involved.

So it's the Garbage Collection you're after?

> If they've never done a restore, or it has been a long time, then a
> restore would be very refreshing. :-)

OK, let's refresh 'em :-)