Subject Linux niggle
Author Lester Caine
I'm slowly moving from Windows to Linux as the server OS and on the whole
things are going OK. BUT I'm getting a niggle that is preventing a wholesale move.

FB2.0x is running fine and the bulk of windows based programs are quite happy,
and PHP on the Linux box is running fine, but one program is giving grief. It
has been running fine into remote windows servers for years, but while
accessing a Linux server, two or three times a day it just folds without a
single message. The watchdog reboots it but a test ticket is always printed,
and it's out of action for short period ( under one minute - but enough to
cause problems ).

There is a UDF which has been recompiled in Linux and does not seem to cause
any problems. FIREBIRD is not complaining, and there are no obvious error
messages in the log to say what was happening. In fact the rest of the system
simply carries on working as the program does when restarted. It's currently
running into a windows server and not giving any problems at all.

The application is using IBObjects and as has been said - has worked fine for
years, it's only the introduction of Linux that has caused a problem. I've
asked on the IBO list but nothing has been suggested - other than the UDF may
be a problem? But would that not affect Firebird? What could be happening on
the connection that can cause the program to crash without going through any
of the error monitoring?

Having sold the customers Linux I would now actually like to use it, but it
will be some time before the legacy hardware ( some still running W98 ) can be
replaced so it would be nice if they played nicely together :(

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