Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Please Advise
Author Lester Caine
Ahmad $arhan **** wrote:
> I already moved to a new Server IBM X3400 with 4GB RAM,, but still slow as before (No changes)
> before time I did backup and restore my GDB using IBExpert2.5 for firebird , it was getting faster and the file size decreasing to 1/4 (140MB to about 34MB) , but after few days it starts slow down again, and size increasing,,,
> should I make (back-up & Restore) every day?
> anyway back-up & Restore is not very effective as much I need

THAT is an indication that the design may be poor.
As Alan has said you may just need indexes which means you need to check with
the application code as to WHAT fields you are using to look up data. However
I suspect that the application is keeping things open which is causing all the
growth. THAT is a problem I had in the early days of designing with Borland
tools and is something that is not easy to correct if you are not a programmer :(

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