Subject Re: Please Advise
Author Ahmad
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<m.tonies@...> wrote:
> > I need to increase the speed of retreving data in my
application, i am
> not developer but i know in general about firebird database and
> >
> > i am using firebird server 1.0 but it is soo slow (server
action and
> local action), if i installed the new version of firebird engin is
that will
> increase the speed.
> >
> > please tell me i need to do it quickly, and as i said i am not
> professional
> >
> Define "retrieving data". Is that transfering large amounts
> of records across a network? Running specific queries?
> What is it that you're trying to do?
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retrieving data i mean Running specific queries across network or
any action in the application it self (local & on server)even users

my application built on delphi with GDB firebird, every year it
becomes slower than the prev. year, these days its boring (slow).