Subject Re: [firebird-support] database maintenance?
Author Alex Gilev

Alexandre Benson Smith wrote:
> The most common case of bad performance is a bad written app that keeps
> the transaction open for a long period, and because of it a lot of
> garbage are accumulated on the database, a stuck transaction prevents
> the garbage collection process and the sweep process.
> There is no magic rules, but I recommend you to perform a sweep (use
> gfix for that) daily on a time where there is less database activity,
> perform a back-up as often as possible and try to restore it to another
> location to see if it's good, recalculate the index statistics from time
> to time (here I could not say a good period, it will be influenced by
> your usage pattern), when you have nothing more interesting to do in
> your life perform a full back-up/restore cycle to recreate the database
> from scratch and rebalance your index trees completely, note that the
> last step is not required to be done so often (I have databases that I
> don't do it for some years)

I agree with this fully. If you would like to perform this rules
periodically I can suggest you this scheduler for Firebird:

With best regards,
Alex Gilev,