Subject Alias not working in having / utf8_ci
Author tjelvare
Hi all,
Running 2.1 beta 2, win32

SELECT count("UID") as a2
FROM "Units"
where "PostalCode" is not null
group by "PostalCode"
having count("UID")>3 //not working: having a2>3
order by a2 desc

a2 works fine in order-clause, but not in having.
Bugging, but bug or the fb-way? (having a2 works in mys*l)

UTF8-CI for localized collations (SV_SV),
any more info regarding this?
Tried setting unicode_ci on a utf8-database, works
almost, but not the SV_SV-way, Ö should be after Z,
positioned at O.
I've read the /doc/whatsnew2.1 about create collation but
couldn't really get it.

According to fbintl.conf iso8859_1 is the only way
to go for SV_SV, need win1252 or utf8, should I put
win1252-data into a iso8859-field, or any problem with that?

Thankful for best practice.

All the best,