Subject Re: [firebird-support] embedded 2.03 and gbak.exe ?
Author Woody
From: "Martijn Tonies" <m.tonies@...>
>> I knew I answered this question too quickly. :) I was trying to explain
> it
>> that way. What I actually meant to say was that you can use the
>> backup/restore components (IBX or IBO) with the embedded client as long
>> as
>> you rename it to gds32.dll (with IBO you can actually set a constant for
> the
>> name of the library) and use local protocol.
> I'm not sure if that would work with Embedded, and I cannot try it right
> now.

It works. Trust me. I have an embedded app with this situation. It has built
in backup/restore (IBX admin components) capability and is only deployed
with the embedded client. I just tried it again to make sure I wasn't
dreaming it. :-)

>>It will then work correctly.
>> With gbak, it must access an actual server, IIRC.
> Even if you use a local connecting string with Embedded renamed to
> fbclient?

Haven't tried it with gbak but I will to see what happens. I have a bare
bones VM that I can test it in to make sure there is no interference.

OK, I just tried it and gbak works using the library name fbclient.dll.

Conclusion: Either way will work as long as you use the correct syntax and
naming conventions. IBX requires gds32.dll, IBO can use whichever name you
want since you can set the name before you compile in the constants, gbak
works using fbclient.dll.

Woody (TMW)