Subject Database gone after a reboot
Author Matt Glennen
Firebird 2.0.1 server running on WindowsXP Pro with SP2. I have a database
that i connect to using applications written to use both the Firebird .NET
data provider in C#, and the Firebird ODBC driver in C++.

I needed to reboot the server and so did a Start->Shutdown->Reboot to
restart Windows. When it restarted my database had gone! The
firebird.logshows the following message at the time of the reboot.
"The database <db
name.fdb> was being accessed when the server was shutdown". There's no
mention of the database being deleted.

This has happened twice now and i can't find anything on the
firebird-support list about this. Does anyone have any suggestions and/or
has anyone seen this before?


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