Subject Vista installation headaches - access privileges
Author nagypapi
Dear win32 packagers:

I have Vista Business (of which my experience is quite new)

I'm installing firebird 2.03, I want to start it as an application.
I am loggod on as a user with admin privileges (user is in the
administrators group)

A) zip version

1. First I unzipped the zip version to a dir,
2. ran "instreg i".
3. ran "fbguard -a" or "fbserver -a"
4. tried connecting with my (java) app

"cannot attach to password database"
log showed: operating system directive CreateFileMapping failed

Tried changing firebird.conf
IpcName = Global\FIREBIRD

didn't help

B) installer

1. I installed it using the installer
2. The installer ran it after finishing and it was working!
3. A stopped the server, did something with the config files,
restarted the server - didn't work anymore, same error as with zip

What I noticed is that i wasn't able to change/delete files in the
installation directory unless I started total commander with "Run
as..." and selected Administrator.

So I ran the server app with "Run as..." and selected administrator

That's how it started working again. Running the server with my
privileges just doesn't work.

Wether or not this is documented somewhere, it will frustrate away
anyone who wants to install firebird to run as an application on Vista.

Firebird 1.5 worked this "one-click-install or unzip" way. I think
firebird2 should be able to work the same way.

Hope this helps,