Subject Re: hamachi vpn
Author kornelraju
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 11:48 PM 13/11/2007, you wrote:
> >Hi, i have the similar problem.
> >but, didnot get solved.
> >
> >situation is like this..
> >
> >firebird server is on a location with (whole office is
> >connected via router
> >
> >i am trying to connect from another office with ip
> >(office has router
> >
> >both the server and client has Hamachi installed.
> >when i tried to ping the ip, its not responding...when i ping the
> >hamachi ip 5.X.X.X its responding properly.
> >
> >i put of the firewalls as well, 3050 is open in the server machine.
> >
> >server is xp sp2 prof another one is xp sp2 home
> >
> >
> >what could be wrong? i am struggling for 1 week, looked all over on
> > luck..
> >
> >any ideas?
> Subnet mask: Possibly you have it set at but for
these two IP addresses to see each other they need Once
they are giving each other a ping response you'll be in business.
> NB, also check that they have a common gateway access...presumably
they do, if the two machines are doing Windows device-sharing, but
Windows device-sharing doesn't use TCP/IP as its transport, so do
check that it is configured.
> Other than that, if the client is receiving any exception message on
attempting to connect, tell us what it is, preferably including the
9-digit ISC code if you're seeing that. The firebird.log might tell
you (and us) a bit more about the network problems, too. We don't want
the whole log. INET errors are TCP/IP errors, usually accompanied by
a 5-digit error code on Windows....
> ./heLen

thanks for quick info.

i have 2 network adaptors
1 is wireless connection
2 is Hamachi adaptor
hamachi adaptor has subnet
dhcp :

both the machines are pinging each other only with Hamachi ip
(5.x.x.x), but, not with 192.x.x.x.

from my odbc DSN setings i gave the following ways


when i try to test the connection, (from DSN configuration). the
message is connection failed