Subject Re: [firebird-support] hamachi vpn
Author Helen Borrie
At 11:48 PM 13/11/2007, you wrote:
>Hi, i have the similar problem.
>but, didnot get solved.
>situation is like this..
>firebird server is on a location with (whole office is
>connected via router
>i am trying to connect from another office with ip
>(office has router
>both the server and client has Hamachi installed.
>when i tried to ping the ip, its not responding...when i ping the
>hamachi ip 5.X.X.X its responding properly.
>i put of the firewalls as well, 3050 is open in the server machine.
>server is xp sp2 prof another one is xp sp2 home
>what could be wrong? i am struggling for 1 week, looked all over on
> luck..
>any ideas?

Subnet mask: Possibly you have it set at but for these two IP addresses to see each other they need Once they are giving each other a ping response you'll be in business.

NB, also check that they have a common gateway access...presumably they do, if the two machines are doing Windows device-sharing, but Windows device-sharing doesn't use TCP/IP as its transport, so do check that it is configured.

Other than that, if the client is receiving any exception message on attempting to connect, tell us what it is, preferably including the 9-digit ISC code if you're seeing that. The firebird.log might tell you (and us) a bit more about the network problems, too. We don't want the whole log. INET errors are TCP/IP errors, usually accompanied by a 5-digit error code on Windows....