Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Database error
Author Alex (Breko)
Ok, i'm kinda nervous with this thing, and I kinda forgot to answer some ppl

First - Anderson Farias: Cara, o rapaz que fez o software desinstalou tudo
de firebird/interbase que ele viu e reinstalou o que supostamente deveria
funcionar com o programa que ele mesmo fez. Mesmo assim não conseguiu... De
fato eu não tentei fazer este procedimento... Afinal já que o dono não tinha
conseguido né.... mas ai lendo melhor seu email eu percebi o esquema de
deletar o gds32.dll, e tenho quase certeza de que ele não fez isto. Assim
que chegar em casa (mais a noite, volta das 23) eu tentarei. Obrigado pela

PS: The message above doesn't solve my problem yet, I'm just talking with
him about some procedures and some things that i've tried...

Second - Adam: Hi, as I said, it was a college work, my girlfriend was doing
it on her house, I didn't know the software/windows was that unstable
(specially her, she only use her pc to chat or do some college work)...

> You mention you think it is created with Firebird 1.5, but yet your
original message reports it supports ODS 11. Firebird 1.5 servers
can't read ODS 11. Databases created by Firebird 1.5 will report as
ODS 10.1. I could not tell you whether there would be ODS number
clashes with IB, but it would not surprise me at all.

It was installed the version 1.5 and interbase, the error was unsupported
on-disk structure 10.1, instead of 11.0. I did the file backup, uninstalled
firebird 1.5 and installed the 2.0 version, wich gave me that 11.0 error

I received some instructions from Ms. Ann and this is what she told me to

"What you're going to need is a working database created
by the same version of Firebird where gstat -h shows the
value of next transaction as 16453, but not much more than
that. Set that database to be read-only. Copy the first
8192 bytes from the read-only database to the beginning
of a copy of the broken database. Try opening that."

The thing is, I don't work with firebird (yet) and I don't have a clue how
to start doing this....

Third - Alexandre: dude, thanks a lot for your help, but I don't have $ to
buy a license from that software, so I can't use it Repair function...

That's it, sorry for the bad english, thanks a lot for the answers... I'm
kinda busy, that's why it took so long to answer! Thanks!

On Nov 12, 2007 6:07 PM, amoradell <amoradell@...> wrote:

> Hello,
> After trying to rebuild header, I try gfix and got end of file error.
> If you don't have backup (as you said), the only issue is IbFirstAid,
> for page size, it's 4096 certainly.
> So, after repairing, you have to :
> - put your database forced writes ON
> - make backup every day
> - put backup on removable media
> - and don't copy gdb file directly while server is running.
> Regards
> Alexandre
> --- In<>,
> "Alex (Breko)"
> <alexander.souza@...> wrote:
> >
> > My girlfriend was using a software to finish her college work, and she
> > installed some new programs, I think it down/upgraded the version of
> > interbase, I really don't know what happned, I've tried to start windows
> > with the last valid conf., tried to use gfix, gbak, ems, ibexpert,
> ibeasy,
> > all trys give me the same error: "Unsupported on-disk structure for file
> > C:\blablabla\CONTABIL.GDB;found 0.0, support 11.0.". She only have a
> week to
> > finish this helly thing.... help me to help her please.... (its a
> freaking
> > year of work)
> >
> >
> > You can check the file by downloading the GDB file...
> > (16.3mb)
> >
> > Thanks a lot, in advance....
> >
> >
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Alexander de Souza a.k.a Breko

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