Subject FB 2.0 on Linux stops working after some weeks uptime
Author Matthias Hanft

I'm running FB on Gentoo Linux 2.6.22-r8. Everything
runs fine, but after some weeks uptime, FB still accepts connections
on port 3050, but doesn't respond any more to the clients' requests
(the client software waits for a looooong time and then says "no
answer" or something like that).

"ps -ef" on the server shows just the normal conditions (one "fbguard",
some "fbserver" - upto 30-or-so).

When I enter "/etc/init.d/firebird stop", it just says "Stopping
Firebird service..." and then hangs. I have to press Ctrl-C to
leave the stopping script.

Stopping FB then succeeds by "killall fbserver" (and resetting
the status by "/etc/init.d/firebird zap").

A subsequent "/etc/init.d/firebird start" restarts the server,
and everything is working fine again... for some weeks.

The "firebird.log" file shows no special error messages regarding
this problem.

Can I do some debugging in this case? Or check/change any configuration?

Thank you,


PS: Right now, I have seen that there is a ...12981.0-r2 version
of FB available (as well as Gentoo Linux 2.6.22-r9). Could that
improve the situation?