Subject Re: Relation has 2 orphan backversions
Author mlq97
--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@...> wrote:
> mlq97 wrote:
> > My log file has this error.
> > can anyone tell me what this means and how (or whether) I can fix it.
> > Many thanks:
> >
> > NORTH12 (Server) Wed Nov 07 20:23:55 2007
> > Relation has 2 orphan backversions (106865 in use) in table ITEM (146)
> It probably means that you've had a crash at some point when
> Firebird was in the process of removed back versions of a record.
> Record versions are linked from the newest to the oldest. When
> garbage collecting old versions, Firebird first clears the pointer
> from the newer to the older version, then releases the older
> version. If the system crashes between the two steps, the old
> version becomes an orphan ... it wastes some space, but doesn't
> cause any other problems.
> gfix may clean these up.
> Regards,
> Ann

Many thanks for taking the time to assist.

1. If gfix can't clean these up, will they remain in the db for ever
more? Can I assume this is not a data integrity problem, just a waste
of space?

2. Is there anywhere a list of all possible errors together with what
they mean and how to fix them?