Subject Re: [firebird-support] Relation has 2 orphan backversions
Author Ann W. Harrison
mlq97 wrote:
> My log file has this error.
> can anyone tell me what this means and how (or whether) I can fix it.
> Many thanks:
> NORTH12 (Server) Wed Nov 07 20:23:55 2007
> Relation has 2 orphan backversions (106865 in use) in table ITEM (146)

It probably means that you've had a crash at some point when
Firebird was in the process of removed back versions of a record.
Record versions are linked from the newest to the oldest. When
garbage collecting old versions, Firebird first clears the pointer
from the newer to the older version, then releases the older
version. If the system crashes between the two steps, the old
version becomes an orphan ... it wastes some space, but doesn't
cause any other problems.

gfix may clean these up.