Subject RE: [firebird-support] Any API to get the database size?
Author Alan McDonald
> Thanks Alan,
> with larger page size might effect let's say another couple
> of (may be more) megs. I think I can live with that. But If
> I go with record count approach and apply to a real time
> application this might slow down my application.
> Regards
> Yuýsuf CELIK

There are other resaons why your proposal will cause you (your users) grief.
1. If you chagne the schema, you need to revisit/recalc your size
2. You can only ever give your users a vague notion that at some point the
system will object to the file size being too large. Can you give them a
definitive size?
3. If they insert a number of records, then delete them, then you check, the
file size may be past your limit but there may be no records in the table!!