Subject RE: [firebird-support] Any API to get the database size?
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Thanks Nando for the info.

Sure sorry about that next time I will do that.
I am using outllook to see all support mails.
Because, I deleted everthing including the subject.
From my point of view it is new message.
Just curiosity.
How do you know I replied an email?
And what difference does it make if I reply a mail and re-fill
Sorry if these are odd questions.



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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Any API to get the database size?

would you please create a new message when opening a new thread,
instead of replying to a different unrelated thread? Thanks.

Y> Is there any way to get the database size from any client?

There's a isc_database_info call for that; it should be surfaced by
whatever API wrapper you are using. You should be able to get the page
size (isc_info_page_size) and the number of allocated pages
(isc_info_allocation) and multiply them to get the database size in

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