Subject Re: GBak and .NET Provider FbService Backup
Author Adam
> Actually I was wondering about the backup process and the
optimizations done
> to the database file. I've read that doing a gbak -b you can do a live
> backup to a database and gbak also does some "cleanup" to the running
> database. I was wondering if a backup with the ServicesAPI will do
the same
> "cleanup" that gbak does.
> The .NET provider uses the ServicesAPI and allows me to create a remote
> backup file. :-)
> Nico.

GBak can either use the Services API (see -se flag) or act as a client
application that pumps the data out. It doesn't really matter which
mode you use GBak in, the switches still work. If you are doing
something with the .NET provider, then have you checked whether its
classes expose any of these options?