Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak question
Author Stefan Heymann
> Reading about gbak I stumbled on this little bit of information:

> -r[eplace_database]
> Restores over an existing database. This can only be performed by
> SYSDBA or the owner of the database that is overwritten. Do NOT
> restore over a database that is in use! [Firebird 1.0, 1.5]

I know where you got this from, because I wrote it :-)

The part in square bracket says to which versions of Firebird the text
refers to. The -r option has been removed in Firebird 2.0. It has been
replaced by -rep, which you can in fact use to restore over an
existing database.

However, as Helen has already pointed out, it's a REALLY bad thing on
production machines. You should only (if ever) use it for development

Best Regards