Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error code 335544721
Author Lester Caine
Alan McDonald wrote:
>> The message is Error code 335544721 Unable to complete network
>> request to host xxxxxx. Failed to establish a connection. No
>> connection could be made because the target machine actively refused
>> it.
>> I copied a program update to a number of users on a particular site,
>> and in all cases except, for one PC where this error message
>> appeared, the update worked. All of these PC's connect to the same
>> server. The update has also been installed on three other sites, with
>> no problems. The FB database on the server is obviously working, as
>> the other PC's were able to connect and the firewall on the server
>> was obviously allowing the connection. Now comes the peculiar part.
>> If, on the PC that is causing the problem, I re-install the old
>> version of the program, the error message does not appear and the
>> program works normally. I have re-installed the FB client on this PC,
>> checked the services file and windows firewall, and tried connecting
>> with the firewall turned off. In all cases, the original version of
>> the program connects, whilst the updated version produces the error
>> message. I have also tried connecting to a database on another server
>> to which this site has access, with the same results. This particular
>> PC is an older, slower PC with windows XP home SP2, whereas the other
>> PC are all newer with either XP professional SP2 or Vista. Other than
>> this, the setup is identical on all of the PC's. Can anybody help
>> please?
> XP home certainly sounds the odd man out here.
> Wasn't it first released without a proper TCP stack of something?
> It was also very difficult in the first instance to manage it's internal
> firewall protection setup. Sounds to me like an internal blocking.
> Alan

Well I have no problem with XP Home running as a server. There were problems
initially with just how much M$ had stripped until someone pointed out that
people could not access their work systems from home ;) The only problem I
currently see remaining is that I can't connect to a windows domain from a
Home machine - only to workgroups.

What are you ACTUALLY updating? Version of the FB client or just an
application? Have you tried running with the old client but the new
application ( I have W98 clients still accessing FB2 with an older client and
working fine ).

Need to know some version numbers of the bits that work and that don't.

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