Subject Firebird 2.0 Linux - INet/Inet_error: connect errno = 104
Author Fabio Lobo

Im using firebird on windows server for like 3..4 years, and a new customer need to use firebird server on a linux system.

We are using Red hat 9.0 and firebird 2.0 CS, with Pentium Dual Core processor.

The firebird is running, and the database is moved, and I can make some test connection and its works fine.

But after some hours online, the firebird server dont respond to network connections, only local ones.

I see some messages in my logs, like:
INet/Inet_error: connect errno = 104

INet/Inet_error: connect errno = 111

inet server err: setting KEEPALIVE socket option

inet server err: setting NODELAY socket option

can some one help to solve this ?

Fabio Silva
TM Informática

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