Subject Re: Firebird 2.0 on Windows 2003: Cannot attach to services manager
Author dobedani
Dear All,

Ok, thanks Milan. I will get something to replace IBConsole. What
about my other questions? Are they all caused by IBConsole??? I find
it hard to imagine. I was unable to use gsec! Any further help will
be appreciated!

Kind regards,

--- In, Milan Babuskov <milanb@...>
> dobedani wrote:
> > Interbase is not installed anymore, but I often use IBConsole as
> > supplied with Delphi 7
> IBConsole is should not be used with FB2. There are a lot of free
> so I suggest you pick one. I recommed either IBExpert Personal
> or FlameRobin, or perhaps IBOConsole (I don't know if it's 2.0
> compatible though).
> --
> Milan Babuskov