Subject Suse Linux 10.1 - Firebird Installation Problem
Author cacoxfirebird
I am trying to load Firebird SuperServer 1.5.3 onto a Suse Linux 10.1
box. I am a Linux novice, so please be kind. I have tried both the
old treading and the NPTL threading models, but can't seem to get
either to load. The install appears to be working, but in the end
there are no directories or files set up.

With the NPTL Threading Model I did the following:
Used YaST2 to install the package (FirebirdSS-1.5.3-4870.nptl.i686.rpm)

A small screen comes up that says "Reading Package Information"

I then get the following error " Following packages haven't been found
on the medium: FirebirdSS".

Any suggestions?