Subject Re: [firebird-support] one connection only
Author John vd Waeter
Nick Upson wrote:
> It was in use shortly before the copy was done, no-one did anything
> like a shutdown on the db, unless it could be done automatically to a
> db that the server didn't like?
> On 27/09/06, John vd Waeter <john@...> wrote:
>>If a db is in a shutdown-state, the copy of the file will also be in
>>shutdownstate. So maybe... ?

Should not happen, I guess. However, *if* you can connect to e.g.
employee.fdb (the example database on the server, if installed) with *2*
(or more) concurrent connections, then I think there is nothing wrong
with the server. And since there seems to be nothing wrong with ISQL, it
must be in the database itself. I have experienced only two conditions
that prevented more then 1 connections: Shutdownstate (can be undone
with gfix) and bad event-traffic due to network issues like firewalls or

But maybe Anns suggestion can tell you more.