Subject one connection only
Author Nick Upson
(summary to date) fb 1.5.1, fedora core

I'm trying to explain how/why this is happening. It has to be in firebird
itself rather than the database as rebooting the machine will fix it and
a backup/restore has no affect.

I have a situation where, sometimes, a database that copied to another
identical machine will only allow 1 connection, any additional attempt
to connect just waits.

exit the first connection and a waiting connection completes the connect.
I've done this with isql so as to eliminate client/network issues.

Now granted that this is a database that is copied rather than backup,
copy backup file, restore but I've had it happen with a database where
I've done backup, restore on same machine to new name, copy to new
machine. Nobody has connected to the restored database on the original
machine and it's still had this problem.

I can do the exactly same copy operations and one copy will allow multiple
connections and the other will only allow one.

fb_lock_manager has permissions -r-sr-s--- and is running as firebird.

All clients were the same group, the same id in fact (multiple shells
from same login) and were attempting to attach as sysdba