Subject Installation problem on HP-UX
Author deschenes_jacques

Last Friday, I tried to install Firebird Classic `FirebirdCS-' on my HP-UX server. Previously I had
version `FirebirdCS-' Classic running in
production .

The installation process went well, all the files were created in
the `/usr/local/firebird' directory and all the files had the
owner `firebird', and there was a `fb_inet_server' process running
on the server.

Also, I didn't modify anything in the config file.

When I did try to run the following utilities (QLI, GSEC, GSTAT) on
the security database everything was OK, but when I tried to run
ISQL, the program aborted with the error `memory fault(coredump)'.

Does anyone knows what could be the problem ?


Jacques Deschenes