Subject Re: How can I restore a backup file that used character set from fbintl2?
Author thecrgrt
Thank you for your comment.

I've used Peter jacobi fbintl2 for Thai character set (TIS620), the
problem is database could not be restored the tables that have used
TIS620 character set (cannot create those table) because system tables
TIS620 so I think my defined character set was nerver restored.

This is my steps:
1. Create database on local machine with fbintl2 was installed.
2. define TIS620 to this database
3. create table using above character set (TIS620)
4. Backup (no problem)
5. Restore on the same machine with new database name (error!!!)

it's just a database was contained an empty table, why's it cannot be
restored? so I've removed table that used a new defined character set it
can be restored, why? IMHO, system tables should have the character
set were defined before using, right? Is it possible gbak never backup
them? so they also never be restored.

I've told this problem with Adriano, he told me gbak only backup system
RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG is 0, I've tried to switch this value for many case to
test, OK, error message was changed but it gave me same result it
could not be restored with the same position.

The database above can be used like other databses (including backup)
except for restoring.