Subject Re: [firebird-support] How can I restore a backup file that used character set from fbintl2?
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:52 AM 24/09/2006, you wrote:
>Since Firebird has been allowed to created owner character set to pluged
>into engine via fbintl2, it sounds like more useful (OK it was :) ) but
>problem is: I cannot be restored the backup file that used none built-in
>character set, AFAIK gbak never backup the system tables

It sure does! Without restoring the system tables, gbak could not
restore a database.

>so it also never restore my defined character set,

This is a wrong guess.

>how can peoples do for this case? and
>how can I do?

From your problem description, it is not clear exactly what are the
problem you are encountering; that is --

a) did you originally define your database with character set NONE
(or no default character set defined) ?

b) if yes to a), do you have data stored from the period prior to the
changes that you made involving fbintl2?

c) are you trying to restore the backup on a server that does not
have your custom pieces installed/available/locations configured?

Essentially, changing the system tables to make the default character
set different to what it was before does NOT change the existing
data. So, at restore time, the older data is going to cause
transliteration problems if it contains characters that are unknown
to your custom character set.

If bad data is causing the problems, you should be able to do a
metadata-only backup, and restore (using -createdatabase !!!) to a
database with a new file name. Then, you can use your favourite
admin tool to inspect the metadata in this newly created database and
check whether it has restored according to your expectations. If
incompatible data is the cause of the problem, then a good datapump
tool, properly configured, should enable you to pump the data from
the original database into the "empty" one.

At this point, however, one can only guess what is
happening. Attempt the metadata-only backup and restore, and try to
provide more useful descriptive information.