Subject FOR...SELECT ... INTO... DO Mechanism
Author andor gates
I d like to design a two-tier system which consists of a web server and a db
They will be in different networks(phsically) and ping time is about 250ms.
I will setup firebird on the db server.
There are many stored procedures installed and also they work with for "for
select do suspend" loops.

What i d like to know is; each time it loops( or it SUSPENDS), does the row
which returns from select statement travel on the network?
or all rows are buffered in the db server or web server?
Considering the yopology, Do you think it will cause trouble while
displaying the dynamic page(aspx)?

Note: i m using /datareader

The stored procedure
for select .. do

the c# code
FbDataReader dr ;
while( ){


Thanks in advance.

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