Subject SMP and CpuAffinityMask
Author flipmooooo

We were having some performance problems due to SMP with FB 1.5.3 on
some new XP workstations. So I changed the CpuAffinityMask in the
FireBird config file to 1 and 2 but it didn't change a thing (after
the service restarted). Now when we changed the CpuAffinityMask to 3
(meaning 1 and 2) or 6 (meaning 2 and 3) it did work. So pinning down
the service do processor 1 or 2 didn't help in my case but pinning the
service down to (1 and 2) or (2 and 3) even if you have only 2
processors did the trick. Anyone can explain this behavior or gets
similar results.

Filip Moons