Subject After gbak restore
Author nxciro

Fb 1.53 SS on Suse10.0 reiserfs
Fb 1.53 SS on wxp

I have a 29.4 Mb database which works fine
on wxp . I back it up with gbak -b -t
and restore it on Linux with gbak -r

The file size is the same and everthing
looks fine and connection is ok until I noticed that some
records were missing , looking closer
(using the latest flamerobin) I see about
600 database pages less than on the windows side.

I even tried to just copy the databasefile
(after making sure that there were no
connections and all transactions well committed)
over to the linux machine and result is the same .

Since I have other databases on the same linux machine
which are close to 200mb , I can't see any good reason.
reason for this observed behavior.

I copied the same backupfile to another machine
running fb2.0RC2 64 on Suse 10.1 64 and all
records were here.

Do I have a bad backup day or could
there be another reason ?