Subject Re: Evaluation of Firebird 1.5 as a replacement of BDE+Paradox
Author Adam
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> Hi all.
> I am evaluating Firebird 1.5 as a replacement of the BDE + Paradox.
> I have some doubts about the deployment of the Firebird server:

LOL. It is much less problematic than BDE + Paradox

> - Is there a way to embed the installation of the FB 1.5
> classic/superserver in one's own app install process?

Yes, the source for the installer is available for you to duplicate if
you are that way inclined. Otherwise just execute the installer.

> - What if my app installs a FB 1.5 classic or superserver on a
> computer that already has a FB 1.0 or Interbase server (6.X or later)
> installed. Will it interfere with the other servers installations or
> can they work simultaneously?

They can work together but only on different ports (obviously).

> Currently, the app has an Excel add-on (a DLL wrapped by a XLA, may be
> converted to a XLL soon) that accesses the DB directly.
> This wouldn't be possible with an embedded server, as the Excel add-on
> would load another instance of the server, right?

It would make a new connection to the database server yes. That is
only a new instance under the classic architecture. Under Superserver,
it is just a new thread.