Subject RE: [firebird-support] Evaluation of Firebird 1.5 as a replacement of BDE+Paradox
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all.
> I am evaluating Firebird 1.5 as a replacement of the BDE + Paradox.
> I have some doubts about the deployment of the Firebird server:
> - Is there a way to embed the installation of the FB 1.5
> classic/superserver in one's own app install process?
> - What if my app installs a FB 1.5 classic or superserver on a
> computer that already has a FB 1.0 or Interbase server (6.X or later)
> installed. Will it interfere with the other servers installations or
> can they work simultaneously?
> Currently, the app has an Excel add-on (a DLL wrapped by a XLA, may be
> converted to a XLL soon) that accesses the DB directly.
> This wouldn't be possible with an embedded server, as the Excel add-on
> would load another instance of the server, right?

I don't now what XLA or XLL is or how this "add-on" actually works. Does it
execute in the same memory space as the host application? Do you do a
LoadDLL call?
If so, then it will use the same connection as your application and will
work fine.
If, on the other hand, this XLA thing whatever it is, is spawned as a
separate process, then no, it can't make simutaneous embedded server
connections to the same database as your application unless you can
disconnect from the database in your application while you make the XLA
thing work it's business and close, handing back control to your host

> Thanks in advance.
> Gerard.