Subject Re: enumeration table question
Author Adam
--- In, "Stan" <shizius@...> wrote:
> This is a followup question to this topic.
> I am now encountering a situation where I get deadlocks on the
> inserts, which I handle by commiting the transaction, starting a
> new transaction and retrying the insert that returned a deadlock.
> But, I am also seeing a deadlock error on the COMMIT that I run after
> an insert failed, why would this happen? The only thing I can think
> to do at this point is to ROLLBACK the transaction, start a new
> transaction, go back to the beginning of the process and try again.

You can't get the deadlock when committing. Are you 100% sure you have
the right messages file? Otherwise, are you using events that would be
fired on the commit, and your program listening for the commit runs
some query (in another transaction) which could be causing the deadlock?