Subject Re: enumeration table question
Author Stan
This is a followup question to this topic.

I am now encountering a situation where I get deadlocks on the
inserts, which I handle by commiting the transaction, starting a
new transaction and retrying the insert that returned a deadlock.

But, I am also seeing a deadlock error on the COMMIT that I run after
an insert failed, why would this happen? The only thing I can think
to do at this point is to ROLLBACK the transaction, start a new
transaction, go back to the beginning of the process and try again.

any help would be appreciated.



--- In, "Ann W. Harrison"
<aharrison@...> wrote:
> Stan wrote:
> >
> > ...I want to revert the transaction at this point and try
> > again, instead of wasting time by processing the rest of the 190
> > inserts and then getting a "conflict" when I commit.
> >
> Since Firebird doesn't do deferred (aka commit-time) constraints,
> you'll always get the error on the record where it occurs, never
> on the commit.
> Regards,
> Ann