Subject How to convert from IB to FB
Author Thomas Miller
select ar.app_status, app.app_status_desc
from (cert_applicant_results ar left outer join app_stat_code app
on ar.org_id=app.org_id and ar.app_status=app.app_status)
left outer join app_stat_code_order asco on ar.org_id = asco.org_id
and ar.app_status = asco.app_status
where ar.org_id = :org_id
and ar.jnum = :jnum
and ar.certid = :certid
group by ar.app_status, app.app_status_desc
order by asco.app_status_order ascending

The error I am getting is complaining about the order by being outside
the group by. Not a problem on IB. I should also mention this is
Dialect 1. I am going to eventually convert everything to Dialect 3,
but thought I would try to get the DB objects ported from IB d1 to FB d1
before moving everything to d3.


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