Subject Firebird 2 - FreeUDF - Invalid BLR etc.
Hi all,

Long time no type. :)
I've recently attempted to install FB2 (RC 2 & 4) on our new server for
We've been using 1.5 for a good few years now with virtually no problems

The setup was basically, install, register in EMS and all worked fine until
we found the FreeUDF functions on a simple (select f_left(...) would produce
an 'invalid offset etc. module name / entry point not found'. The whole
program only uses a few UDF calls and everything else works fine with the
new DB. The FreeUDF is untampered with.

I've been through the newsgroups but couldn't find a solution (I thought it
was a bug in RC2).

Its a simple win2k box setup, and I've changed firebird.conf
(restrict/all/setpaths etc), copied the UDF Library to diffferent paths, run
the SQL to define it etc.
On 1.5 it automatically recognises it and works fine, but there's something
not quite right...

Maybe its something I've overlooked, or something very obvious.

Any help appreciated.


Wesley Brown
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