Subject Upgrading from FB1.0 to FB1.5. Is it safe?
Author robert_hollay

I have one dilemma.
One of my clients has an old VB application which uses FB1.0 with
an XTG ODBC driver. The VB app is closed source, I can't get the
Now, I have to make some (not too simple) reports from that
database. I must write several select stored procedures to solve
the problem.
It would be much better for me if the database was FB1.5, because it
has some very useful functions (CASE, COALESCE, etc.).
My question is: is it safe to upgrade their FB1.0 server to FB1.5?
Are there any issues that could cause the VB app not to function
properly after upgrading the server?
Is the backward compatibility 100% ?

TIA, Robert