Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: NOW and Daylight Saving Time
Author Stefan Heymann
>> Yes, that would be great. Or something like
>> - NOW for the current local time
>> - NOW_UTC for the current GMT/UTC time
>> - TIME_ZONE (integer) would give +1 for UTC+0100 or -5 for UTC-0500

> You do realise there are a couple of TimeZones at n + 30 minutes
> offset. Eg. Adelaide, Darwin, Kabul, Tehran ....,

Oops, I didn't know that ...

> so either the offset is measured in minutes or it is some decimal
> data type rather than an integer.

In this case i would prefer interegs over decimals, so we'll go with
the minutes ;-)

>> - DST_ON (integer) would give 1 if DST is active and 0 if not

> To be honest, Timezone and DST are local issues, and we have several
> customers who are not in the same Timezone as their database server,
> so I really do not care what Timezone a given database server has, the
> adjustment to local time should happen on the client.

That's correct.


Thanks :-)

> The problem is that the UTC code that I use relies on the Windows API.
> I am not aware of any OS independent API that nicely handles it.
> (Which is the main reason we haven't ported our UDF library to Linux)
> You may need to use some conditional defines.

That's not the problem. The problem is that I don't know how to write
UDFs with Delphi and, even though I own of Kylix 3, practically know
nothing about Linux programming ... :-(

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann