Subject NOW and Daylight Saving Time
Author Stefan Heymann

I am writing a measurement data acquisition application which stores
the data, together with a timestamp, in a (you guess it) Firebird

Currently I use "NOW" to set the timestamp. This gives me the current
local time of the server machine that Firebird is running on.

insert into table (..., datetime, ...) values (..., 'NOW', ...);

When Daylight Saving Time over here in Germany will end at 29 October
this year, the hour between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. will run twice.
This would result in ambiguous timestamps.

Is there a means to distinguish the two "time zones"? Or a way to
retrieve GMT time (of course, without reconfiguring the server OS)
instead of the local time? I'd like to have the server give the
timestamp so I don't have to rely on workstation clocks being set

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann