Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: NOW and Daylight Saving Time
Author Stefan Heymann
> It is even more fun when your country has different Timezone and DST
> rules depending on which state. I think a built in function
> CURRENT_TIMESTAMPUTC and NOWUTC would be a welcome addition.

Yes, that would be great. Or something like
- NOW for the current local time
- NOW_UTC for the current GMT/UTC time
- TIME_ZONE (integer) would give +1 for UTC+0100 or -5 for UTC-0500
- DST_ON (integer) would give 1 if DST is active and 0 if not

Sweet dreams ;-)

> The easiest way to do it is to write a UDF function. Since you use
> Delphi, here is some starter code for Windows. You just need to
> modify it to output a timestamp for Firebird.

With that I could only use Windows servers ...

Are you aware of a good tutorial on how to write UDFs with Delphi
*and* Kylix so I can have Windows and Linux?

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann