Subject Server profiling
Author Bill Oliver
Hi all, again!

I had a user ask me this question:

Is there any way to get the sort of tabe statistics we get from
other databases (eg. number of seq scans, seq_scan rows read, index
scan, index rows read, records inserted, rows updated, rows
deleted)? I see there are some stats, but they don't seem to be as
detailed as we would like.

We are doing this with PostgreSQL at the moment, they have system
tables that collect statistics and can be read to extract the
figures. This is not per query, but a specific test run. At the
moment we start the database (which clears out the counters) and
then run the test (approx 2hours) and then we look at the
statistics. Just wondering if there is something similar we could do
with Firebird?


I basically told him no. I know there are some techniques by which
you can log the queries to a table, but it doesn't seem like this
kind of thing comes "out of the box" with Firebird.
Any suggestions?