Subject Re: [firebird-support] restore between different Databases
Author Milan Babuskov
Maurizio P. wrote:
> it is my first application i use Firebird 1.5 ,
> is it possible restore data between different structured DataBases ?

It is possible to "pump" the data from database to another. However, you
might find it easier just to run DDL you used in development against
customer's database and bring it to the same state.

> customer has a non finished version of the program , and he is registering data in
> this program DB , in this meanwhile i added fields , tables , triggers , to
> the DB of the same program i am finishing to develope ,
> now i have to upgrade the DB of the customer to the new version ,

If you made track of all the changes, it should be really easy . If not,
then the best idea is to make a empty database with new structure (use
gbak -b -m to make metadata-only backup) and pump the data from the
customers one. You can use specialized products like IBPump, FBCopy or
some advanced administration tools like IBExpert or DBW.

P.S. I hope to do a detailed talk about metadata-version-control at FB
conference this year. It looks like it is becoming a "hot" topic lately. :)

Milan Babuskov