Subject Problem with restoring database ( RC4 Superserver)
Author dominik.grudzinski

I use winXP, Firebird 2.0 RC4 SuperServer mode, IBExpert.

I have problem with restoring database.
I have one program connected to database: IBExpert.
Befor restoring I shutdown database.

gfix ../../db/DBASE.fdb -shut -force 2 -user SYSDBA -password ABCDEF

No error message.
After that I try restore database form my backup file.

gbak -rep ../../db/file.fbk.gz ../../db/DBASE.fdb -user SYSDBA
-password ABCDEF

gbak: ERROR:could not drop database ../../db/dreryk.fdb (database
might be in use)
gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors

When I try overwrite the database.fdb file I can't because file is locked.
I tried to use new shutdown modes : single or full, but result was the
same (database might be in use).
When I changed Firebird server mode to Classic server and everything
was OK.

When IBExpert is turned off, database restore is success on Classic
and SuperServer

Apologize for my poor English.

Any help would be appreciated.