Subject Re: [firebird-support] Batch insert performance
Author Richard Wesley
Hi Sean -

On Aug 23, 2006, at 14:19, Leyne, Sean wrote:

>> I am getting about 1e6 rows/hr
> That works out to 277 rows per second.
> That not terrible, but I have seen better.
> Are there any triggers firing for the inserts?


> How big is an average row? How many fields?

In the customer example I have there are about 75 fields, about 1/4
of which are varchar with a total width of about 225. The rest is a
mix of various wide numeric types (mostly bigint, a few double
precision and timestamp).

The actual layout of the data is not so important as I am looking for
a general solution - not just one for this customer. We have
Firebird embedded in our product for use as a local SQL OLAP engine
and our typical usage scenario is to take a sample of a user's
completely arbitrary database and load it into a local FB database
for off-line analysis.

>> Would
>> batching the inserts improve things?
> How often are you committing the rows?

Only at the end. I was wondering if updating the frequency would
improve things. TFB mentions batching in the range 5-20k rows when
you can't avoid indexing and I was wondering if there were other
cases where this would apply?

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